A community mosaic installation for Crossroads Safehouse

We had an amazing time last night at Crossroads Safehouse when we officially presented (and unveiled) the Butterfly Wall. We packed the community room, enjoyed desserts and cold drinks and then en masse trekked through the residence to the meditation garden to view the wall.

It was awesome to share our work with so many people and present it to an organization that does so much in our community to help families in need.

We’ll have pictures soon, but for now please enjoy the video that documents our process.

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One Last Clean Up

We had such an awesome group of helpers.

This was a project that so many people wanted to help with. On the Monday after our install, we went back to give each butterfly and dragonfly one last polish. And we wanted to make sure the meditation garden was in ship-shape condition.

Thanks again to all who helped. This truly was a community project.

The spit and polish crew!




The Monday Clean Up Crew


Another peek at the wall


Installation Day

On one very hot Sunday in early June we installed this project. It went so smoothly! We’d planned several days and got all 117 winged creatures on the wall in just under six hours. Thank you to all who helped.

One row flying!


Mark Wagner and Rick Wells – Couldn’t have done this without their help!


Joan Miller making sure it’s on to stay!


Close quarters


Deb Kessler, Kaye Iverson, Mark Wagner and many winged creatures




Morning installation crew


Afternoon installation crew

Every day the project moves forward. We’re getting very excited!

Next step in the installation process is to transfer the traced butterflies to the cinderblock wall.

We had some great help.

Nice work with that scalpel Mary!

We cut out a portion of the traced outline – just enough to discern the orientation of the butterfly and traced the outline with a Sharpie.

Then we wrote the number on the wall.

A honeycomb of butterfly wings

Each number corresponds to a number on the mosaic butterfly and/or dragonfly.


We went to the extra layout step to ensure that the install goes as smoothly as possible.

Once we had everything cut, numbered and traced, we removed the paper. This is the pattern we’ll follow when we mortar the butterflies to the wall.

First butterflies go up on Sunday, June 3rd. Yippee!!

We’re moving forward, getting much closer to actually installing our gorgeous winged creatures on the wall.

We had a session where we traced each butterfly/dragonfly on to brown craft paper. We wanted to be sure we balanced color, shape, size and orientation.


It was pretty awesome to see all 117 butterflies and dragonflies laid out and flying.

Even if it was only on paper.

So far!

We numbered each butterfly and  color-coded them so that we know which set of butterflies we will be installing first, second and third.

Next step will be to transfer the tracing to the wall.

And then…

Mortaring them in place.

After months of planning, talking, designing and glueing, we finally have a date to install these gorgeous winged creatures.



Woo Hoo!

The 39 foot wall

We’ll be working in the  mediation garden the first week of June.

This wall will take on an entirely new look.

Visualize tons of color. Butterflies and dragonflies of every shape and color combination.

The mind boggles!

At this point we are so excited to get these butterflies and dragonflies up and flying.

It’s gonna be stunning.

By the way, look who recently flew into our studio from Deb Kessler at Dimensions in Art Glass:

Artist: Deb Kessler

Artist: Deb Kessler

The Sealing Crew

Once the butterflies are mounted on Kerdi Board and grouted, we have to seal them. Aren’t we lucky to have such a great group of volunteers?

People love this project for a couple of reasons:

  1. Crossroads Safehouse is an awesome organization that does amazing work in this community. Everyone wants add their hand of support in one way or another.
  2. Making butterflies, and other winged creatures is really fun!

So here’s our sealing crew:





Thanks ladies for making our butterflies and dragonflies shine!